Roof Glazing Bar End Caps

End caps are an important part of the building of an outdoor covered area, whether it is a canopy or a carport, our end caps will provide the finishing touches to your creation. If you don’t seal your polycarbonate sheet then you could cause problems later on. Moisture could penetrate the sheeting causing it to deteriorate over time. Insects can find the sheeting attractive and can often nest in polycarbonate sheeting if given the opportunity. Using end caps will prevent your new roof from becoming a new home for insects.

Our end caps come in a range of different sizes and styles depending on the design of your sheeting. Our products provide flexible solutions to all your sheeting needs. We have different caps made out of different materials including rubber and plastic. An end cap is a finishing touch that you need for your roofing or outdoor space.

Creating an outdoor covered area such as a garden veranda or small greenhouse can give you so much more. A quiet space, a dry space, a space for projects, or a space to escape the chaos of family life. Creating an outdoor covered area in your garden can be very enjoyable. Our range of products from polycarbonate sheets to glazing bars and end caps will enable you to build an outdoor area. Our products are suitable for different budgets and types of projects, and you will be able to find everything that you need for your next DIY adventure!