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16mm Interlocking Polycarbonate Sheet 250mm wide

£6.25£37.50 (excl VAT)
£7.50 (incl VAT)


Product Details

16mm Interlocking Polycarbonate Roofing Sheet, Carport, Cover, Greenhouse

This fantastic 16mm Clear Frosted interlocking sheet makes any roofing job simplistic.

Whether its a Pergola, Carport, Canopy, Garden cover, Partitioning etc the Click 16 sheet makes it an easy task. Simply place one sheet on your roof frame, screw into purlin, click in the next.
It really IS that simple. Finish it off with some pvc end closure and F sections available also from Glazing Systems.

Remember purchasing from Glazing Systems, your cutting out the middle men so we CAN GUARANTEE the best UK rate.

10 year limited warranty on all roofing products.

Technical Data