3.0m Length Aluminium Rafter Supported Glazing Bar incl end caps (available in any colour)




Rafter Supported Glazing Bar available in 3m, 4m or 6m lengths

An aluminium capped rafter gasket glazing bar into which multiwall polycarbonate, solid polycarbonate or glass can be fitted onto rafters at least 60mm in width.

The bar can be supplied either as a pre-pack complete with the aluminium cap which has a secret fix channel, gaskets and end plate or as loose individual items.

The glazing bar is designed to be fitted onto 60mm wide rafters and consists of a:

  • 60mm wide rafter gasket,

  • an aluminium cap  

  • an aluminium screw cover clip

  • gaskets

  • an aluminium screw fit end plate 

The rafter gasket is nailed to the rafter using galvanised nails at 300mm intervals and the glazing sheet sits on the rafter gasket. A feature of the glazing bar is in the securing of the cap to the rafter, the cap is drilled at intervals no more than 350mm apart and 65mm stainless steel wood screws are then fitted through the fixing channel in the cap into the rafter. The fixing channel is then covered and protected by an aluminium screw cover clip. No screws are visible, the clip is also supplied as part of the pre-pack.

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