4.0m Self Supporting Edge Glazing Bar for Glass or Polycarbonate Sheet





Edge bars are used for finishing the roof at either side.

A self supported glazing bar does not need to have any timber rafters to support them however, loading restrictions do apply. Self supporting glazing bars are ideal for glazing carports, lean to conservatory roofs, verandas and canopies. 

It is assumed that the buyer understands maximum glazing bar projections and glazing sheet widths. If you are unsure, we would ask that you call us on 01942 871183 for further clarification.

The maximum projection for the self supporting glazing bar is 4000mm and the maximum width, when using polycarbonate sheet, is 1000mm. Where a sealed glass unit is being used, the maximum width is 800mm.
Please note: these dimensions change dependent upon the pitch and projection of the required roof.

The self supporting glazing bar has a minimum pitch of 5 degrees however, we do recommend a minimum of 10 degrees.

If you are unsure on any of the above, please call us on 01942 871183.

Each bar comes with 1 end cap.


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