4.0m Self Supporting Glazing Bar for Single or Double Glazing incl end cap (available in any colour)




The system can be supplied either as a pre-pack complete with the aluminium base bar and bar cap, both with gasket fitted and an end plate or as loose individual items It can also be supplied as a hipped system which uses the same cap however we change the standard gasket to a half round gasket which allows the sheet to be fitted at an angle.

When glazing with 6mm glass, this glazing system is capable of spanning up to 2.2 metres between fixing points.

For applications longer than 2.2 metres span, an intermediate cross purlin should be installed to create a further fixing point, alternatively use a different system we have which can span up to 4 metres – call for details.

This glazing system consists of an aluminium base bar (ref.283) and a shaped aluminium glazing bar cap (ref.280), gaskets and an end plate (ref.280EP). 

The base bar is fitted to the ridge and eaves support, the glazing sheet sits on the gasket and the cap is drilled at intervals no more than 400mm apart. Screws are then fitted through the cap into the central stalk of the base bar. The length of screw differs with each thickness of glazing sheet. A screw cover cap is needed to cover and protect the head of the screw.

For applications without good ventilation i.e. enclosed sides, it is recommended that a uPVC thermal underclad be supplied to clip onto the base bar to minimise the risk of condensation forming.

Mill finish as well as polyester powder coated white (RAL9910 satin) and brown (RAL8040 satin) are available as standard. We can also supply the aluminium painted to a specific RAL colour although this may be subject to a minimum quantity requirement and surcharge.

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