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At Glazing Systems we have a wide range of glazing bars and glazing products, including rafter supported glazing bars. Rafter supported bars are designed to be screwed into a timber frame, and because they are attached to the frame itself rather than directly to another pane of glass or polycarbonate, they provide greater strength.

The aluminium caps help ensure that there are no leaks, which can be a problem when plastic caps break down or warp. This means that, where timber frames are available, the use of rafter supported glazing bars are preferred to self-supported glazing bars. This type of bar is especially suitable when adding glazed windows and roofs to carports, lean to roofs, and some conservatories, and are well suited to DIY installation.

At Glazing Systems we have a selection of sizes and dimensions to ensure that you can buy exactly the bars you need for your installation. Its design means that you can enjoy a totally leak proof installation, which is vital in most applications. We also stock self supported glazing bars, which are required if you do not have accessible timber frames.

Rafter Supported Bars

Rafter supported bars are ideal for installations where you have a timber frame that you can screw into. This type of bar offers greater support than self supported. They can be used with glass or solid wall or multi-sheet polycarbonate panes. They can be used in the construction or glazing of conservatories, porches, greenhouses, or carports. They can be used for DIY projects or for a professional finish on any building work where there are timber rafters to screw the bars into.

Aluminium Caps

As well as the rafter bar, you will also need an end cap. As well as the glazing bar itself, you will need glazing bar end caps. These fix to the end of the bar and, as well as being decorative, they are vital to the installation because they help secure the glazing in place, and they can help prevent water and rain getting into the bars and the glazing.

If the end cap becomes broken or missing, it means that the glazing itself can slip, leading to leaks in the roof. Our rafter supported glazing bars include aluminium end caps. Aluminium is much less prone to warping and damage than plastic and will help create a waterproof seal for your glazing finish.

Design And Colour

The Alukap-XR rafter supported glazing beams come in a standard choice of white (RAL 9010) or brown (RAL 8040). We can also create the bars in any RAL or BS standard colour, but these have to be made to order, so they do take a little longer to deliver to your address.

Buy Rafter Supported Glazing Bars From Glazing Systems

Glazing bars hold the roof and glazing together in conservatories and orangeries, greenhouses, sheds, and other structures. When combined with end caps, they can help prevent roof leaks and they ensure the structural rigidity of the building. Rafter supported glazing bars are used in those instances where you have timber frames that the bars can be screwed into.

Buy rafter supported glazing bars from Glazing Systems today and enjoy competitive prices and fast delivery. Call us on 01942 871183 or email sales@glazingsystems.co.uk with any questions or queries you have about our products or the services that we offer.

Rafter supported Glazing Bars from Clear Amber

The world leading Alukap®-XR Glazing Bar System provides cover for 45mm and the wider 55mm rafter structures.
The full cover cap system and all aluminium capping bar design eliminates the need to mess around with unsightly plastic caps or connectors which break down, which is why the Alukap®-XR system has no instances leaks despite accommodating roof pitches from zero degrees pitch to totally vertical.

Supplied with multi-fin gasket systems which are combined with the variable pressure fixing screws this Alukap®-XR Glazing Bar System provides a leak proof long lasting roof glazing solution.

The perfect design of the capping bar top cap, offers excellent sightlines and aesthetics for any roof structure. The Alukap®-XR system also comes with Wall Bars and Gable Bars to suit any terminating rafter scenario. The Alukap®-XR Wallbar means that flashing up against rising wall on the side of a roof can be achieved with an entirely leak-proof solution.

The Alukap®-XR system is manufactured in White RAL 9010 and Brown RAL 8040 ready for immediate despatch.
Any other RAL or BS colour can also be manufactured to order, to suit any specific chosen colour scheme.

PVC Cap Snapa Bar for Polycarbonate Sheet Alukap XR Rafter Supported Glazing Bar for Glass or Polycarbonate. 45mm or 60mm Width. Alukap XR Gable End Glazing Bar for Glass or Polycarbonate Sheet. Alukap XR Wall End Glazing Bar for Glass or Polycarbonate Sheet.
Alukap XR Hip Glazing Bar for Glass or Polycarbonate Sheet. Alukap XR Ridge Glazing Bar for Glass or Polycarbonate Sheet. Alukap XR Valley Glazing Bar for Glass or Polycarbonate Sheet. Alukap XR Horizontal Glazing Bar for Glass or Polycarbonate Sheet.




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