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Glazing Bars

Glazing bars are a rigid bar that connects two separate panes of glass or polycarbonate. Traditionally, glazing bars were used in sash and other styles of window. They enabled the manufacturer to combine smaller, less expensive, panes of glass to create a large window. More recently, as glazing prices have come down, they tend to be used for aesthetic reasons or where a structure and its glazing demands it.

The Importance Of Glazing Bars

Glazing bars can be used in carports, conservatories, greenhouses, and other structures. They are used to support glass or polycarbonate panels in these structures, so it is vital that the bars you choose are suitable for the task. They need to be strong enough to hold the weight, durable enough that they will last for years, and should be weatherproof and water resistant. This combination will help ensure that you won’t need to regularly replace the glazing bars, and that you can safely use and rely on the installation.

Rafter Supported Or Self Supported Glazing Bars

If you have a timber frame that you can screw into, you should look at rafter-supported glazing bars, but if you need to connect multiple panes, self-supported glazing bars should be used. Self-supporting bars do not need a timber frame.

Plastic Or Aluminium

It is possible to buy either plastic or aluminium glazing bars. Both materials are rust resistant and, in the right circumstances, they can last for years without suffering damage.

Plastic bars are inexpensive and suitable for use with multiwall polycarbonate installations. They are more than strong enough to support the weight of this type of structure, and the use of plastic keeps the cost of the bars down.

However, if you are using solid polycarbonate or glass panels for your installation, then you should use the stronger aluminium glazing bars. Despite being a lightweight material, aluminium is extremely tough and durable and will withstand the extra weight in this type of glazing.

Glazing Bar Design And Colour

At Glazing Systems, we stock self-supported and rafter supported glazing bars. We also offer a choice of white or brown, and we have bars that include a cover cap system to keep a clear eyeline and therefore improve the look and design of the glazing in your conservatory or other structure.

While we have white (RAL 9010) and brown (RAL 8040) bars in stock and ready to deliver, we can also supply the bars in any RAL or BS colours, although these do have to be made to order so they will take longer to deliver. Choosing your own colour of glazing bar means that you can match any colour scheme of your choice.

Buy Glazing Bars From Glazing Systems

Glazing bars are an essential part of a conservatory, carport, or other structure. They help ensure rigidity and structural integrity, and they can also complement the existing design and look of the building. You do need to ensure that you buy the right size, the appropriate style of glazing bar, and that you buy any additional end caps and other products that are needed. Call us today, on 01942 871183 or email for more information on our glazing bars and other products.