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Aluminium F Section

F Sections work specifically with the Twinfix rafter gasket systems. The aluminium bars come in 4 metre lengths, white or brown as standard (any colour to order), and there is a selection of dimensions including 6mm, 10mm, 16mm, or 25mm glazing sheets. The bars are designed to support the side of the glazing sheet and they weather the edge of the roof slope, improving protection and strength of the glazing system you have installed.

Buy today or contact Glazing Systems if you have any questions about the products we sell or the services we provide. Our team is highly experienced in glazing, and we will be able to help ensure that you choose the most appropriate products for the best glazing installation for your conservatory, orangery, carport, lean to, or other glazed installation.

Aluminium F Sections

The F Section should be tapped gently into place on one side of the sheet while on its edge. Allow a few millimetres for expansion. Place the F in position on the roof. Make sure the sheet is level and fix by screwing through the longer leg of the F joint and into the wall or frame. Fit the sheet between the two legs and flash over. This installation will help ensure strength and support for the glazing, and it will help to further prevent rain and other water, dirt and debris, from getting through the panes and into the glazing.

Aluminium is a lightweight material. It can be moved, lifted, placed into position, and affixed to the existing frame or other glazing bars easily. Despite its lightweight nature, aluminium is strong and sturdy. It doesn’t dent, scratch, or become damaged easily. It is also rustproof and weather resistant, so you won’t suffer from leaks or cold spots by the glazing.

Colour And Dimensions

As standard, F sections come in a choice of 3 colours – standard white, brown, or the milled finish. If the bar is to be completely covered, or if colour doesn’t matter to the end design, the milled finish might be suitable for your needs. Alternatively, we also stock white and brown F sections, which can be dispatched and sent to you immediately. If you need another colour, let us know the RAL colour code. Your bars will be manufactured in this colour before being sent to you. The whole manufacturing and dispatching process takes just a few days, so you won’t be left waiting around.

There is a variety of F section sizes available. Choose the one that is appropriate for the polycarbonate or glazing sheet that you are using in your installation.

Buy F Sections From Glazing Systems

Aluminium F sections are lightweight and easy to install. They are weatherproof and corrosion resistant, and they affix easily to the panes before installation. Choose colour, ensure you get the right size for the glazing panels you’re using, and order today. Alternatively, call us on 01942 871183 or email with any questions you have about the products we sell and the services that we offer.