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Aluminium Rafter Supported Glazing Bars

Aluminium capped rafter supported glazing bars are screwed into an existing timber frame, and the aluminium end cap serves to provide a reliable, robust, and long lasting seal that provides weather resistance and prevents the glazing from leaking.

At Glazing Systems, we have a large selection of glazing bars, glazing sheets, and other glazing solutions. Whether you are looking for a single replacement end cap, or you are constructing your own conservatory and need everything to incorporate windows and clear roofing, we have the products you need, at competitive prices, and delivered straight to your address.

Rafter Supported Glazing Bars

Rafter supported glazing bars are used in applications where there is an existing timber frame. The bars can be screwed directly into the timber, which provides support and strength for the installation.

Screwing the glazing bars into the timber frame means that the frame provides support and stability. Not only does this mean that the glazing will be stronger and better supported, but it means that the glazing bars do not have to incorporate fixing mechanisms, such as in locking bars, and they do not have to be made from as strong a material.

Where a frame exists and can be directly screwed into, it is usually best to utilise rafter supported glazing bars.

Aluminium End Caps

Although the glazing bars themselves will determine the strength and longevity of the installation, the end caps are equally important. The end cap connects the whole frame together, it prevents the glazing panes from slipping and it stops water from leaking into the glazing and construction.

While plastic caps are available, and may be a little cheaper than aluminium, plastic is more prone to warping and disfiguration. If the cap becomes loose, the glazing will lose its structural strength. If it cracks, becomes damaged, or breaks, you face the very real risk of leaking windows and slipped glazing panes. Aluminium retains its shape, is weatherproof, and fits snugly to the glazing bar end.

Dimensions And Design

As standard, we sell aluminium capped rafter supported glazing bars in brown (RAL 8040) or white (RAL 9010) but we can also supply glazing bars in any RAL or BS standard colour. However, these need to be made to order, which means that they will take longer to be delivered and you should allow extra time before you receive the glazing bars.

As well as a broad range of colours, Glazing Systems also supplies a host of lengths and widths, ensuring that you can match an existing frame, and ensure that the installation continues to provide protection from the weather.

Buy Aluminium Capped Rafter Supported Glazing Bars Today

It is important that glazing bars look good, are in keeping with the design of the room where they are going to be used, and they offer protection against the weather. At Glazing Systems, we have a large selection of glazing bars and other products for your glazing project, from replacement end caps to full glazing systems. Call us on 01942 871183 or email to ask about our products or enquire about the services that we offer.