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Rafter Supported Gable End Bars












Aluminium rafter supported gable end glazing bars are tough and durable, fix straight to the timber frame of your conservatory, carport, or other building or application. They include aluminium end caps, and the gable end glazing bars are designed specifically for use in finishing off the edge of an installation where there is an open gable end or raked frame.

These gable end frames will connect to existing aluminium glazing bars, and at Glazing Systems we have a large selection of dimensions and sizes to help ensure a reliable and watertight glazing installation. We also supply the bars in white or brown, as standard, and can create them using any RAL colour reference, ensuring a great looking and uniform finish for your conservatory.

Aluminium Glazing Bars

If you are using glass panes or you want a long-lasting glazing installation, then you should use aluminium glazing bars. Aluminium is naturally stronger and longer lasting than the plastic alternatives, although plastic does tend to be less expensive. Aluminium has excellent corrosion proof properties, especially once treated, and because the aluminium bars are protected by a plastic coating, you can enjoy excellent weatherproof and waterproof properties.

Rafter Supported Bars

Rafter supported bars screw directly into the timber frame of a roof. Because the bar is connected directly to the glazing bar, it offers excellent support, making rafter supported bars the better option when installing glass or using thick polycarbonate sheeting. The use of aluminium in the manufacture of these bars further enhances the strength of the glazing system, too, so that you can use these when you need a long-term installation, and when you are using heavy glazing panes.

End Caps

The glazing bars and glazing panes are only a part of the installation. These gable end bars include a single end cap. The end cap finishes the bar, keeps everything in place, and it helps prevent the panes from slipping, therefore preventing leaks and other possible problems with the finished glazing. Aluminium is the preferred material for high quality installations because plastic can become disfigured or damaged, which will prevent it from protecting your glazing.

Dimensions And Designs

You do need to ensure that you buy the appropriate size of glazing bar. Our gable end glazing bars are 60mm wide, and we sell them in a selection of lengths. The aluminium inside the frame makes it very difficult to cut the lengths down to size, so buying the right length is vital.

Buy in white or brown, as standard, or provide us with the RAL colour reference and we will produce the bars in the colours you want and deliver them directly to you.

Buy Aluminium Rafter Supported Gable End Glazing Bars From Glazing Systems

Aluminium rafter supported gable end glazing bars are made from lightweight, durable aluminium, and come in a variety of lengths and colours. Browse all of our products on the website now, or call Glazing Systems on 01942 871183 or email with any queries you have about the products we sell.