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Rafter Supported Hip Bars

Aluminium rafter supported hip bars are long lasting and durable glazing bars. They screw down and connect directly into the timber frame, prevent rain from leaking through the glazing, and they help support the weight of the glazing and frame.

The use of aluminium means that these bars are lightweight so are easy to install, but they are also corrosion proof and rust resistant. Installation is made even easier with the snap-on upper profile. This plastic profile has an umbrella style design, forcing water down the roof of the conservatory and into the guttering, and because these sections simply snap on, it negates the need to apply extra fittings.

At Glazing Systems, we stock a selection of widths and lengths of aluminium hip bar, all competitively priced, and we also offer additional end caps, along with the polycarbonate sheeting you need for your roof. Browse the site or contact us with any questions or queries you have about the products we sell or the services we offer.

Lightweight And Durable

Aluminium hip bars are made using an aluminium core, as well as aluminium components. Aluminium is preferred because it is lightweight but is very strong. It will take the weight of double-glazed glass or thick polycarbonate sheeting and, despite these benefits, it is light and easy to install, giving you the best of both worlds.

Strength And Rigidity

The aluminium rafter supported hip bars attach directly to the timber frame of the building. This gives them greater strength and rigidity than self-supporting bars. Rafter supported beams are advised where a beam is present and accessible, and also for use with glass panes and with some heavier polycarbonate sheets.

End Caps

End caps ensure that the bars and frames are stable and secure. They are attached to the end of the glazing bar, which means that they are prone to the elements. Plastic caps can become damaged and they can warp and bend in certain weather conditions. Aluminium end caps, one of which is included with every rafter supported hip bar purchase, are stronger, more durable, and are less likely to become badly damaged. We also sell additional end caps separately, giving you access to everything you need for your glazing installation.

Size And Design

Every installation has different requirements, including the size of the glazing panels or polycarbonate sheets. Buy the wrong dimension or size of glazing bar and you could be left with bars that simply won’t attach or with holes and gaps in your glazing installation, that will lead to leaks and other potential problems with the conservatory. We can also supply the bars in any standard RAL colour, and we stock white and brown as standard and for quick delivery.

Buy Aluminium Rafter Supported Hip Bars From Glazing Systems

Aluminium rafter supported hip bars are an essential component to the glazing of any conservatory, orangery, or other outbuilding. Buy today from Glazing Systems for competitive pricing and a high quality service. Alternatively, if you have questions, call us on 01942 871183 or email and one of our knowledgeable and professional team will answer your questions.