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Rafter Supported Valley Bars

Aluminium rafter supported valley bars are strong, weather resistant, glazing bars that are designed for use in the valley of a roofing installation. The use of aluminium is preferred for a longer-term installation and the material itself helps prevent rain and water leaking into the glazing and the property itself. The rafter

Choose from a wide range of sizes and dimensions, as well as colours, and we will deliver your glazing bars to your chosen address. Each bar comes with a single end cap, but if you need extra, we do sell them individually, and our team is always on hand to answer any questions or queries you have about the products we sell and the service we offer.

Aluminium Valley Bars

Aluminium valley bars are weatherproof and rust resistant, and they prevent leaks when installed properly in conservatories, orangeries, and sun rooms. They are attached directly to the timber frame of the building, and these valley bars are specifically used in the valley between two roofing sections. This design means that they are typically used in large installations.

Aluminium is lightweight, which makes it easy to work with. Despite being lightweight, however, it is strong and durable, as well as being rust resistant and weatherproof. The durability of the material means that these glazing bars will last for years without suffering degradation or damage.

Rafter Supported Glazing Bars

Self supported glazing bars essentially attach to themselves, or to another glazing bar. Rafter supported bars affix directly to the timber frame of the glazing. This gives them greater structural strength, because they use the strength of the frame to carry the weight of the glazing. Panes are less likely to slip and the frame itself is unlikely to become damaged.

Aluminium End Caps

End caps are an important part of any glazing bar installation. They prevent the bar from slipping and keep the frame sections together. End caps made from aluminium are structurally tough, and they are less likely to bow, break, or become damaged, so they will last for longer without problems. Glazing bars include a single end cap, but we sell them separately at Glazing Systems, so you can buy additional end caps where required.

Colours And Dimensions

The aluminium rafter supported valley bars come in 3m, 4.8m, and 6m lengths. These are standard length measurements and you should ensure that you choose the size that is closest to your requirements to avoid having to cut the aluminium lengths. As well as choosing the length of bar, you can also choose the colour that you want. The aluminium is covered with a plastic frame, which comes as standard in white or brown, but we can also order frames in any standard RAL colour, and have them delivered to site for you.

Buy Aluminium Rafter Supported Valley Bars From Glazing Systems

Glazing Systems provides glazing bars, roofing sheets, and other roofing and glazing products to individuals, contractors, and businesses. We offer competitive rates and fast delivery, as well as a wide variety of stock and products. Browse the site, call us on 01942 871183 or email with any questions you have about our products or services.