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Wall End for Rafter Supported Glazing Bars












Rafter supported wall end bars offer water proofing and strength to roof glazing systems and are used where the installation comes to an end at a rising wall. The aluminium helps ensure strength and rigidity, while the high-quality plastic covering prevents rain, snow, and other elements from getting into the glazing.

At Glazing Systems we also sell additional end caps to complete the installation, although every glazing bar comes with a single end cap. Choose from a selection of standard colours, and opt for the most appropriate size and length of bar to ensure that you can install new glazing without having to try and cleanly, successfully cut through aluminium lengths.


There are basically two options when it comes to choosing glazing bar material. Plastic is inexpensive and easy to manufacture, but aluminium rafter supported wall end bars offer improved strength and rigidity. The aluminium used is resistant to rust, structurally very strong, and it will last for years before it needs replacing.

Rafter Supported End Bars

Rafter supported bars are usually chosen in installations where you have access to timber frames. The bars can be screwed directly into the timber, in contrast to self-supported bars which relay on their own strength.

Rafter supported bars are also preferred when using heavier, thicker polycarbonate sheets, or where the glazing uses glass panes. Aluminium rafter supported glazing bars offer the ultimate in strength because of their combination of strong aluminium and the fact that they attach directly to the frame.

Design And Dimensions

Aluminium is more difficult to cut to size than plastic, although it is possible. It is also more expensive, so choosing the right length of glazing bar is beneficial because it will prevent you from having to pay for replacement bars. Check the width of the bars you buy, as well as the length.

You can choose the colour of bar that you need. As standard, we stock brown and white, both of which we have in stock and can be delivered quickly to your address. If you need a different colour to ensure good looks, you can provide us with the RAL colour reference and we can have the bars manufactured in your colour and sent out directly to you.

Additional End Caps

The end caps are an important part of any glazing bar installation. They prevent slippage of the glazing, keep the structure of the installation neat and tight, and they also stop rain and other water from getting into the glazing or inside the property.

Glazing bars include a single end cap as standard, but at Glazing Systems we also sell additional end caps that can be used in larger installations or where you need a replacement.

Buy Aluminium Rafter Supported Wall End Bars

Aluminium rafter supported wall end bars are vital to a glazing system, where the installation ends at a rising wall. They are also made from high grade aluminium that is rust and corrosion resistant, and with Glazing Systems you can have any RAL colour manufactured for your glazing application.

Buy today for competitive prices and to have your glazing bars delivered within a few days. Call us on 01942 871183 or email if you have any questions or queries about the products we sell or the services we provide.