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Self Supporting Glazing Bars

Self-supporting glazing bar systems are used for installations where there is no access to the timber frame. They use their own structure to support the weight of the frame as well as the glazing, and because the roof is the area of a conservatory, orangery, carport, or other outbuilding, that faces the most battering from the elements, you should ensure that you choose glazing bar systems that are manufactured from high quality materials and that are built to last.

At Glazing Systems, we sell a selection of self-supporting glazing bar systems that have been designed with these very features and benefits in mind. They are easy to install and are made from durable and weatherproof materials, including aluminium extrusions. They also include aluminium end caps that further protect the glazing and prevent leaks from becoming a problem in your room. Buy today or contact us with any questions or queries you have about our products or services.

Self Supporting Glazing Systems

Where a timber frame is available and accessible, we advise that you use rafter supported glazing systems because of the extra strength and support that they offer. However, if this isn’t possible, our self-supported glazing systems offer a viable and lasting solution. Because the bars connect to one another, rather than to the frame, this type of system can be used in almost any situation, including for carports, lean-tos, and other rooms.

Aluminium Frames

The self-supporting glazing systems on this page include aluminium extrusions. Aluminium is lightweight, so is easy to install. It is also weatherproof and rust resistant, which is obviously important when you are creating a long lasting and durable roofline. What’s more, the end caps that are included in the glazing bar system are also aluminium, helping retain the strength and viability of the glazing installation.

Colour And Dimensions

Getting the right dimensions is important when creating a glazing installation. Ensure that you choose a system that is suitable for the size of polycarbonate or glass pane that you are using.

If you buy an incorrect size, it means that you will have to force components into place, which will have a detrimental effect on the glazing, or you simply won’t be able to use the products you have bought. You can also choose the length of glazing bar, which makes these products suitable for use in any type of installation, whether it is a small lean-to or a more extensive conservatory.

The colour you choose is important. Choose a colour that complements your building. White or brown are considered the standard colours that are available for immediate delivery, but we can also source and supply the same systems in any standard RAL colourway.

Buy Self-Supporting Glazing Bar Systems From Glazing Systems

Self-supporting glazing bar systems are used where there is no frame that the bars can be fixed to. The aluminium glazing bars are strong and weatherproof, and they will not rust or corrode. Browse our full collection of glazing bar systems and buy today. Alternatively, call us on 01942 871183 or email with any questions about the products that we sell.

Self-Support Roof Glazing Bar System

The Roof of any structure gets the highest impact from the elements, so making sure that any roof glazing structure is manufactured from the most robust materials and highest quality design is absolutely fundamental to providing a long-lasting solution. ALUKAP®– SS is manufactured entirely from powder-coated aluminium extrusions that withstand the toughest and most challenging of environments

ALUKAP®-SS is extruded to deliver a high structural spanning strength providing the ultimate glazing bar system for both commercial, residential and public building structures and canopies. Additionally, ALUKAP®-SS is designed to work well with polycarbonate sheet, single glass glazing and double glazed units. All glazing options work perfectly with the ALUKAP®-SS wall plate and eaves beam structures too.

ALUKAP®-SS White RAL 9010 and Brown RAL 8040 as standard, and any RAL colour can be manufactured to order, suiting any colour scheme required.

The self supporting glazing bars will span ANY thickness of glass or polycarbonate up to 3.5m.  Where your projection is longer than this, please contact us on 01942 871183.