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Eaves Beam

The self-supporting wall plate and eavesbeam system is designed to fix to the back of the wall, can be fixed at any height, and because it is a self-supporting system, it does not have to be attached to a timber frame, or any other component. The wall plate can attach to any style of structure, whether it is a glazing frame, framework or post. Once the plate is attached, the eaves beam attaches to the plate using bolts and the cap profile is attached to the beam.

The system has been designed for ease of installation, even in a range of different settings and setups. Buy the eaves beam in white or brown, as standard, or you can have it manufactured in any standard RAL colour to match your existing or planned glazing framework.

At Glazing Systems we stock a large selection of glazing frames and glazing bars, including the wall plate and eavesbeam system. We have a range of sizes and dimensions to match any installation requirement, and you can buy in any RAL standard colour. Speak to one of the team if you have any questions about the products that we sell.

Self Supporting Bars

The self-supporting wall plate eaves beam is described as self-supporting because the frame attaches to its own base plate. The base plate is designed to affix to almost any surface. It can be used directly on brick walls, as well as timber frames. It can attach directly to glazing frames or posts. The system has been designed so that it will take the weight of glass glazing or polycarbonate sheet.

The bolts and other fixings are made from high grade materials that won’t rust, helping to ensure the integrity of your glazed roof. They are also designed to be easy to attach and use, and lightweight enough that they are simply to manage and put in place. If you are looking for a simple but effective method of adding a roof to a new conservatory, or to replace an existing roof, then this is a beneficial choice.

Dimensions And Colour

As well as ensuring that you choose the right section of framing, you should also choose the right length of frame. Although the frames can be cut and trimmed to size, buying the closest size will minimise waste and potentially eliminate the need to trim too much plastic from the frame. Lengths range from 3m to 6m.

You can also choose the colour of glazing frame you want. White and brown frames are ready for immediate dispatch, but you can also choose any standard RAL colour and the frame will be manufactured according to your colour requirements and sent out to you within a few days.

Buy The Self Supporting Wall Plate And Eavesbeam System From Glazing Systems

Glazing Systems specialises in the provision and supply of glazing bars and glazing systems. Products like the self-supporting wall plate and eaves beam system are designed for easy installation, as well as for their longevity and durability. If you have any questions about the products we sell, call us on 01942 871183, or email for more information.