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Self Supporting Gable End Bars

The self supporting gable end bar, available in lengths between 3m and 6m, is designed for application on the gable end wall of a conservatory, orangery, or other additional room. They can also be used for carports, lean tos, and more.

The system is designed to be easy to install, thanks to its lightweight materials, but strong and durable enough that it will last for years without you having to replace them. Because these bars are self supporting, it means that they can be used in instances where there is no timber frame available to screw into, and these bars are ideal for shorter spans, providing more than enough rigidity and strength to support polycarbonate or glass glazing.

At Glazing Systems, we stock the self supporting gable end bar in 3m, 4.8m, or 6m lengths. We also stock white and brown frames, and can have any RAL standard colour manufactured and delivered to you within a few days of placing your order. If you have any questions about our products, or aren’t sure exactly which glazing bar is right for you, contact us and speak to one of the team today.

The Self Supporting Gable End Bar

Where a timber frame is available, it is usually best to use bars that attach directly to this frame. This gives them additional strength and enables the bar to hold more weight. However, if you have a smaller span that you need to cover, or if you don’t have a timber frame available, self supporting bars are ideal. The bars are easy to install, with snap on plastic coatings that help prevent rain and other weather from getting into the glazing, and are lightweight thanks to the choice of materials used in their construction. Despite this, they provide the support your glazing needs.

End Caps And More

As well as buying bars, you need to ensure that you get high quality end caps. The end cap attaches at the end of the gable end bar. It further prevents rain and water from getting in behind the frame, preventing the glazing from failing, and serving to prevent cold and damp patches in the room.

Buying The Right Gable End Bar

Buying a gable end bar means first deciding whether you want self-supporting or a bar that attaches directly to the frame. You also need to choose the appropriate length, to minimise waste and avoid having to cut too much length from the bar that you do buy, while ensuring that it stretches the full span required.

You can also choose colour to match your installation. We stock white and brown frames, ready for immediate dispatch. Alternatively, you can choose any RAL standard colour. The bars will then be manufactured in your choice of colour and we will send them directly to your address.

Buy Self Supporting Gable End Bars From Glazing Systems

At Glazing Systems, we specialise in the supply of high quality glazing bars and glazing systems. We stock bars, end caps, and even the polycarbonate sheet. Buy now, call us on 01942 871183, or email if you have questions about any of the products we sell, or services we offer.