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Self Supporting Intermediate Glazing Bars

Self-supporting glazing bars for glass are sturdy and robust. They are designed to take the weight of single- or double-glazed roofing, while still being easy to fix and use. Available in a selection of colours, these glazing bars come in a selection of lengths, enabling you to buy the size of bar that you need for your installation. Self-supporting gazing bars are made from a lightweight aluminium frame that can be manoeuvred easily into position, includes an aluminium end cap to offer further support and strength, and do not need to be attached to an existing timber frame.

At Glazing Solutions we offer white or brown glazing bars, as standard, but can also supply any other standard RAL colour with a few days’ notice. We offer competitive pricing and fast delivery and are always available to answer questions and queries about the products we sell.

Self-Supporting Bars

If you have a visible and accessible timber frame, timber supported frames offer greater strength and durability. However, frames are not always accessible, or the material might make it impossible to screw into. Self-supporting bars negate the need to have to try screwing into metal or brick. They essentially use their own weight and their own strength to hold the weight of the glazing, which is important when you’re adding glass to a conservatory or orangery. This type of frame can also be used in greenhouses, carports, and other external buildings.

Aluminium Frames

Aluminium is a lightweight but durable material. This makes it easy to hang and fix, while the rustproof aluminium is also weatherproof and waterproof, which will prevent leaks and help ensure that the frame remains strong if it is in use. A plastic coating is added around the aluminium frame, and this cover snaps easily on, giving a better-looking finish and also helping to offer a watertight seal to the framework.

The end caps are just as important as the quality of the frame itself. Plastic end caps are prone to damage and can easily become broken or warped, especially after several years of use. When this happens, water is allowed into the frame and can cause water damage to the glazing, as well as leaks and cold spots inside the house.

Style And Dimensions

As standard, self-supporting glazing bars come in a choice of white or brown, but with a few days’ notice, we can supply frames in any RAL standard colour, which means that you can choose the glazing frame to match your conservatory, or other building. The bars come in lengths from 3.0m to 6.0m and are wide enough to support single- or double-glazed glass, as well as thick polycarbonate sheets.

Buy Self Supporting Glazing Bars For Glass

Self-supporting glazing bars are essential if you do not have easy access to a timber frame, in your installation. They are designed to take the weight of double-glazed panes and can be bought in a variety of lengths and colours, giving the ideal finish to any glazing installation. Typically used for conservatories and orangeries because of their strength, these bars can also be used in carports, lean-tos, and other installations. Call Glazing Systems on 01942 871183, or email, with any questions you have about the process.