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Frequently Asked Questions

Verandas & Carports

Do you provide an installation service?

Yes, we do. Unlike most other online retailers, we do provide an installation service. Costs depend upon the size of veranda/carport required and where you are located. Please contact us on 01942 871183 for a quote.

Which measurement is which?

The length refers to the measurement along the wall of the property and the projection refers to the measurement coming away from the property.

Are the veranda and carport sizes fixed sizes?

No, you simply go “up to” the next size.

What if the veranda I want doesn't match your sizes?

Simply go to the nearest “up to” size. For example, if you want a glass veranda that measures 5.3m in length x 3m projection you would go to the 5.5m option and also select a projection of 3.2m – this will give you your price (as well as selecting frame colour and support post length).

What if the support posts (legs) I need are longer than 2.25m but less than 3m?

Select the 3m option as these can be cut down on site.

What is the roof pitch?

The verandas and carports are available in either 5, 10, 15 or 20 degree pitches. You need to specify the pitch required in the additional notes section at checkout; alternatively, you can email once you’ve placed your order.

What thickness is the glass on the glass veranda?

The glass on our glass roof verandas is 6mm toughened glass.

What thickness is the polycarbonate sheet on the carports and verandas?

The polycarbonate sheet is 16mm triple wall and is available in clear, bronze or opal.

How does the drainage work and where are the gutters?

The veranda systems we offer have an integrated eaves beam/gutter. The rainwater comes down the roof into the eaves beam/gutter and then drains out through the legs; which act as your downspouts. Upon installation, you create a hole in the eaves beam/gutter directly where the leg goes underneath.

How do the legs fit to my patio/decking etc.?

Each leg comes with an aluminium foot which bolts down to the paving or decking. This foot has an upstand which slides and fixes into the leg. You’ll need to leave a 10mm gap when fixing the fit in place inside the leg. Water then comes down the leg and out through the 10mm gap in the foot plate.

What do I do if I want to sink the leg in to the ground?

First of all, order 3m legs. Then you’ll need to create a concrete pad to fix the foot to. You then install the leg and build around it once done.

What material are they made from?

They are powder coated aluminium frames.

What colours are available?

Our standard colours are white or anthracite grey. However, we can do whatever colour you need. We will need a RAL number and it may cost more to do these. We would need to quote you.

How high is the wall plate?

It is 100mm high.

Glazing Bars

What are glazing bar system and how it works?

You have 2 types – rafter supported glazing bars and self supporting glazing bars. Rafter supported glazing bars are the type that are fixed to a timber or other frame and come with either a snap down or aluminium capped screw down system. The self supporting glazing bar is needed where you do not have a frame supporting the roof.

What is the maximum spacing of glazing bar is allowed?

Spacings vary between 7.5mm to 10mm – check the details on the glazing bar product page.

What kind of materials, colour and sizes of glazing bars do you offer?

On the PVC capped snap down bars, we offer white or brown. On the aluminium capped ones, our standard colours are white or brown but we can offer any colour providing you can give us a RAL number.

Do you provide an installation service?

Yes, we do. Call 01942 871183 for a quote.

Does your store offer a set or should be bought individually?

We can offer you a “roof in a box”. Just let us know what you need.

When to choose single or double glazing bar systems?

The snap down bars will only do between 10mm and 25mm. Our aluminium bars will do any thickness PLUS snap down bars should only be used for polycarbonate NOT glass.

How long is the lifespan of glazing bars?

Approx 10 years+

Is there a glass requirement for glazing bars to take the weight in?

Anything over 2.4m projection should be supported with a purlin when using self supporting glazing bars.

Smoke Vents

Can I use my AOV for access onto the roof?


How does AOV sytem actually work?

If you are using a smoke detection system or it is linked to a fire alarm switch in your building management system, it will automatically open once it detects smoke.

What are AOV Windows?

The term AOV stands for Automatic Opening Vent and is used to help vent smoke in the event of a fire.

How often should an AOV be tested?

Annually at least – this is a service we provide.

Is it possible to have a port signal between the AOV and the fire alarm panel?

Yes, through a building management system.

Is there any Building Regulation information that I need to be aware of before installing an AOV?

Yes. Contact us for details.

Can you make a personalized size of AOV systems? If yes, how long will it take to make it?

No but we have a large selection of sizes.

What angle do mounted smoke vents need to open?

Ideally 90 degrees.

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