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A garden canopy can transform your garden into a usable, enjoyable space that isn’t restricted by rain or sun – to provide extra coverage as required. Garden canopies can make small intimate areas for quiet moments, spacious family areas for long lunches, star-gazing nights, or cosy reading marathons. Whatever you love doing with your free time, using a canopy to create gorgeous spaces that make you want to relax, is a brilliant idea to upgrade your garden. If you are looking for ideas and inspiration, then read on, and see which of the following ideas suit you and your home.

What is a Garden Canopy?

A garden canopy is any covering that provides shade, shelter, or protection from the elements, both sun, and rain. They can be made out of different materials, such as wooden canopies with trailing plants growing over them, to polycarbonate structures, from parasols to sails, from verandas to pergolas, there are endless options for your garden. Making outdoor spaces that can be used when it is hot, or raining, extends the use of your garden, so that you are not endlessly driven indoors by the changeable British climate.

The Benefits of Adding Canopies to Your Garden

Many outdoor garden areas are lovely, but only usable when the weather is just right. Some are too hot when the sun is shining, especially for young children, elderly people, or pets. Adding a canopy gives you shade from the sun, whilst still allowing you the delights of sitting outdoors in your garden. Many people find that adding a canopy to their garden to provide extra shade, means that they use their garden throughout the day, rather than having to retreat indoors. Creating an outdoor space that can be enjoyed for longer, can effectively give you an outdoor room. Some people use awnings or verandas to create spaces that can be used even when it is raining, and it can be very soothing to sit comfortably outdoors, listening to the sound of the falling rain.

Patio Cover Ideas

There are so many patio ideas, for all styles and budgets. Spend time contemplating different ideas about how you use your outdoor space, and what your local weather is like. Do you want shelter from the sun, or the rain? How large is the area that you wish to create? What garden furniture do you have, and how would a canopy fit over that? Do you like the modern design or old-fashioned classics? It is worth considering the different patio shade ideas to make sure that you choose the best solution for you and your family.

1. Outdoor Living Space with Modern Shade

There are different outdoor covers to choose from; awnings, pergolas, parasols, and gazebos all help to create beautiful and usable outdoor living spaces that provide garden shade.

2. Add Some Plants and Lightning to Make a Welcoming Space

Think about the space that you are creating. Adding plants around the edge of your space creates the illusion of a room, as well as gives you delightful colours and scents for your space. Trailing or climbing plants can be grown in wooden structures, to provide natural protection. Adding strings of outdoor lights can create a cosy and welcoming feel, giving you a lovely evening space to relax.

3. Add Colourful Accessories for a Boho Vibe

Bright outdoor cushions and rugs can be added to provide splashes of colour. Choose contrasting colours to your garden furniture to create a colourful look. There are endless touches you can add, from outdoor mirrors for endless vistas to cute pot holders for a quirky finish. The choice is yours, and let your personality shine through.

4. Use One for Your Garden Parties to Provide Extra Coverage

Summer can be a time of lazy Sunday afternoon parties, Saturday night BBQs, and family gatherings. Many of us host parties in the summer, as we have the outdoor space to invite more people. Pop-up gazebos are great for one-off parties, but if you enjoy hosting a party, then consider a permanent structure that will give you the space to invite a greater number of people.

5. Shelter Your Pool with Veranda

Pools and hot tubs are a popular addition to many a garden, and choosing a veranda or gazebo to provide shelter to your pool, is a great idea. Shading pools from the sun allows young children to play safely away from the sun for hours, and swimming or lounging in the water, whilst listening to the rain above can be incredibly relaxing.

6. Add a Small Dining Table and Chairs to Create Mini Outdoor Dining

You don’t always have to think big. A small table with a couple of chairs can create an intimate dining space for summer evenings. If you have the space, you can create different areas, a larger one for big gatherings, and a smaller one just for you.

7. Add Hanging Chairs for a Relaxed Vibe

Hanging chairs are always popular. Rocking in the gentle breeze, with a good book, and a drink in your hand is one of life’s great pleasures. Creating a secluded spot undercover means that you can enjoy your sweet spot no matter what the weather throws at you.

8. Brighten Up your Patio with White Accessories

Vibrant white accessories brighten up your patio. From painting a wall white to create a Mediterranean vibe to adding white cushions or planters around your patio can lift the feel of your patio. Many patios are made with grey tiles, which can be drab, especially on a cloudy day. Using colour cleverly can add a brighter touch to your outdoor space.

9. Shelter a Garden Sofa from the Sun

Outdoor sofas are increasingly popular, but often they become too hot during the heat of the day. Using an awning or pergola gives you a perfect place for midday naps, or chats with friends.

10. Opt for Glass Veranda for Transparent Sky View

If you love the stars, then a glass veranda is the best fit for you. Lying on your lounger, stargazing, can you spot the two bears? Ursa Minor and Ursa Major. Or perhaps you are looking for the planet Venus, the second brightest natural object in the sky after the moon.

11. String Up Outdoor Curtains for Privacy

If your garden is overlooked, or you just enjoy your privacy, outdoor curtains can be a great way to create a private space. Simply pull them shut and you can be cocooned in your own world. Away from distractions and the hubbub of daily life.

How Long Can a Canopy Last Outside?How Long Can a Canopy Last Outside?

With such endless choices available it can be hard to decide on the best patio cover ideas. Your budget will, to an extent, determine which design you choose. Different materials last for different lengths of time outside. A fabric parasol will have a shorter life than a wooden structure. However, the better you look after it, the longer it will last. Anything portable should be bought over the winter months and stored securely. Don’t put parasols away when they are damp as this will cause them to rot. Our range of garden verandas is designed to last for years, as we use high-grade polycarbonate or glass so that you can enjoy your garden for many a year.

What is the Best Material to Use?

It depends on what you want. If you want a portable structure to provide shade during hot days, then a fabric parasol, gazebo, or awning is the best choice. If you are looking for a permanent structure, then polycarbonate is an excellent choice. Polycarbonate is more resilient than glass and is cheaper and easier to install. Wood can provide a nice natural feel, but it requires regular treatment to ensure that it does not rot. Not everyone enjoys doing endless maintenance, so consider this when you are deciding on the best garden ideas for your home.

Where to Buy Garden Veranda?

Here at Glazing Systems, we provide an extensive choice of garden verandas. These have been carefully chosen to accommodate different budgets, tastes, and available space. From freestanding structures creating delightful outdoor dining areas to simple canopies that fit neatly against the back of your house, we have something for everyone. From the modern to the traditional, each has been chosen to provide shade from the sun, and protection from the rain. Our designs come in various sizes, so whether you are looking for a small and intimate, or a larger space for entertaining, we will have the right veranda for you.

We provide a professional installation service so that you don’t have to lift a finger. However, if you love DIY, then our polycarbonate roof canopy system is designed to be fitted by a competent DIY person. If you are unsure of the best garden veranda for your home, then our experienced and friendly team is on hand to help. If you want to take a look at our range of garden verandas then simply click here or simply contact our friendly team for helpful veranda advice at 01942 871183 or by email at


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