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A carport is a fantastic addition to your home. A carport is an open-sided structure, with a roof, that can be used for a wide variety of purposes, not just for storing your car. Carports are a relatively simple design, which makes them easy to install. If you are competent and confident at DIY, then you will be able to install your own carport. If, however, you would like a little help with your carport, you can always take advantage of our carport installation service. Whatever you want your carport for, read on to learn more about how to install a carport at your home.

Understanding Carports

A carport is a structure with a roof, and open sides, though it can have one or two walls. Carports are often attached to an existing structure, such as your house. Their primary use is to protect your car from the weather, being invaluable in both the winter and the summer. Many people also use their carports as an extremely useful covered area. You could carry out work on your car undercover, without needing a garage. You can use your carport for shaded play for young children during hot weather, or for BBQs on rainy summer days. Having a carport gives you additional space, which can be incredibly useful for a whole range of scenarios.

Installation Process for Your Carport

If you are investing in a carport for your home, make sure you spend time understanding how the installation process works. A well-installed carport will last for many years to come.

  • Planning and Preparation

In general, you don’t need planning permission for a carport, but it is important to check the guidelines based on the design of your carport. There are a few key points, such as the maximum height must be no more than 4 metres and your carport cannot be on the side of the house that faces the road. If your house is listed, or you live in a National Park or an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, you will need to check carefully as the laws may be different.

  • Selecting Materials and Design

Once you are confident that you can go ahead with your carport, you need to choose the type of carport that you want. You could build a carport that matches the materials of your house, such as brick, concrete, or steel, so that it ties in aesthetically, but this could be expensive. Our polycarbonate carports come in different colours so that you can choose the best match for your design.

  • Site Preparation before installation

As with many things, preparation is key. Getting your site ready will make the carport installation process smooth and swift. Often people choose to put down a concrete base for the inside of their carport, or you can simply use the existing surface if that will work best for you. Make sure the area is clear and ready to use before you begin installing your carport.

  • The Installation Process

Mark out where each part of your carport needs to go. Spend time making sure that you know exactly what you are going to do before you begin to install a carport. Once you are clear with your plan, then begin by installing the posts. Once these are stable, you can attach the beams to the posts, which will make up the structure of your carport. The next step is to add the carport roof. Our carport system has lightweight, flexible polycarbonate sheeting, which provides an excellent roof for your carport. Polycarbonate is durable, resilient, and long-lasting.

  • Finishing Touches

Once all the main structure is in place, simply double-check all your fittings and fixtures, and make sure that your carport is safe and secure. Then you can simply sit back and enjoy your successful carport installation.

Carport Installation Cost

If you can install your own carport, then you will save money on paying someone to do this for you. However, only do this with your own carport, if you feel competent to do so. It could be false economy to do it yourself if you lack the skills or experience to do so. Here at Glazing Systems, we make sure that our carport system is fairly and affordably priced so that more people can enjoy all the benefits of a carport. If you choose to use our carport installation team, we will give you a fair and transparent quote, so that you know exactly what your carport will cost you. Don’t just regard your carport as a cost, but regard it as an investment in your property, as it gives you another useful space around your house, and could increase the value of your home, or make it more attractive to buyers if you come to sell your house.

Maintenance and Care of your Carport

Polycarbonate is a popular material for its long-lasting, resilient nature. It is important to maintain your polycarbonate to extend its life and keep it looking good. The carport roof needs to be cleared of debris with a soft brush, and then the polycarbonate can be cleaned with gentle soap and warm water. This will prevent any build-up of material that could look unsightly.

Improve your Home Today with a Carport

Whether you want to unload your shopping without raindrops dripping down your neck, have a sheltered area to change the oil in your classic car on the weekend, or just make use of some extra covered space around your house, then a carport is the answer. Here at Glazing Systems, we have our affordable carport system, which can give you a complete carport for your home, at a very reasonable price. If you don’t feel confident in installing your carport, then our professional carport installation team is always on hand. If you aren’t sure if our carport system is the best solution for you, then our friendly and helpful team can answer any questions that you may have. If you are ready to get going with your carport today, then why not have a look at our carport system? Or if you want to speak to our team, simply call us on 01942 871183


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