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In the UK, our weather can play havoc with structures that we have in our gardens such as a Greenhouse. They are not the sturdiest of structures so heavy winds or a storm could cause big problems. In fact, if you have polycarbonate panels, then they might not be secure which could mean that the wind rips them away from your greenhouse. So, it makes sense to secure your polycarbonate panels in order to prevent damage. In this article, we are going to look at how to secure polycarbonate sheets, ensuring that they can withstand the wind and remain in place.

How Much Wind Can a Greenhouse Take?

It might surprise you but a greenhouse does have the ability to withstand wind in the range of 85mph. However, this is all dependent on the strength of your polycarbonate panels and the structure itself. If there is any weakness in your polycarbonate panels then you could find your greenhouse strewn all over your garden.

How to Prepare Your Greenhouse for High Winds & Storms

  • You can add glazing repair tape to overlapping panels on both sides to add additional protection
  • When a roof vent is closed, you can use foam tape to improve the seal
  • Repairs that are temporary can help to keep the wind out where possible
  • Check for loose objects
  • Inspect nearby trees
  • Close all openings
  • Checks joints
  • Inspect your polycarbonate panels
  • Keep doors closed securely
  • Replace lost or broken glazing clips
  • Anchor down your greenhouse

How Do You Secure Polycarbonate Panels?

To secure polycarbonate panels, it is possible to reinforce them by using strips of timber on each side of the panel. The strips of timber are placed on each panel and between each frame and then you have to drill through the panels in order to secure the shorter strips of timber to the panel. Then, using a long strip of timber that runs the length of your greenhouse, you can secure this to the smaller strips of timber as seen in the image below.

If this is something that is not possible then you can use screws with neoprene bonded washers to fix your panels to your greenhouse. You should use a 1/2-inch washer with corrugated polycarbonate sheets and a 1-inch washer with triple-wall polycarbonate.

How do I Stop Polycarbonate Greenhouse Panels from Blowing Out?

The wind can cause greenhouse panels to blow out but you can reduce the risk of this by doing several things. You can apply glazing tape to each side of overlapping panes as this will help to strengthen the panels. To ensure that seals are tight when the vent is closed, you can use foam tape to create a better seal. If there is any damage to your greenhouse, temporary repairs will help to deal with any weaknesses and could help to keep the wind out.

How do I Protect My Greenhouse From Wind?

To protect your greenhouse from wind, you should minimise any weaknesses in your greenhouse and that means that you should close vents, tape up seals and carry out temporary repairs. You should also tape down any overlapping panels as this will prevent wind from getting underneath them while your greenhouse should be weighted down as much as possible.

How Thick Should Polycarbonate Panels Be For A Greenhouse?

The general rule of thumb is that polycarbonate panels should be a minimum of 8mm in thickness.

How Long Does a Polycarbonate Greenhouse Last?

A polycarbonate greenhouse will have a lifespan of around 10 years. If you maintain it correctly and look after it, then there is a chance that it could last longer than this.

Final Thoughts

The wind can be a problem for greenhouse owners but if you take the necessary steps to protect it then it could see out those dreaded stormy conditions.


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