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4.0m F Section for 10mm Glazing (available in any colour)

From £17.73 (inc. VAT)

We also provide an installation service:
Please contact us on 01942 871183 or email for a FREE quote.

The aluminium F profile is used with the Twinfix rafter gasket systems and supports the sides of the glazing sheet and weathers the edge of the roof slope.
End panel first, prior to putting the sheet on the roof, gently tap the ‘F’ profile onto one side of the sheet whilst it is stood on its edge. Do not push the sheet fully into the ‘F’ but do allow 5mm for width expansion.
At the eaves end (lower part of the roof), we suggest you cut away the two arms of the ‘F profile by approximately 20mm. This will allow the flat leg of the ‘F’ profile to butt up to the ‘U’ profile end closure later.
Place the ‘F’ in position on the roof, ensuring the sheet is level and then screw fix through the longer leg of the ‘F’ profile to the side of the fascia or building.
If fixing to a side wall, simply turn the ‘F’ profile upside down, fit the sheet into the two arms of the ‘F’ and fix through the longer leg into the wall and flash over.

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