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If you are looking for some ideas or inspiration when it comes to the design of your home, then you might want to consider rooflights. Introducing rooflights into the design of your new kitchen or home extension can give your space a completely unique look and feel. With a range of rooflight designs to choose from, you might want to take a considered approach when deciding what can work for you. There are many things to think about when it comes to rooflights and that can include the glazing, the opening and even the glass. If you want to get your home perfect then you should certainly consider the designs below as this will allow you to find rooflights that capture it all.

Rooflights Come in Various Designs

The great news is that rooflights are more than just an opening in your roof that lets in light. They are designed to capture the style of your home and work with your decor, which is why there is a design to fit every need. Whether you want a rooflight for your bathroom, a rooflight for your living room or want to add more light into your kitchen with a rooflight, then it helps to understand what options are available to you.

So, let us help you to find out what is available for you and how you can transform your home in a way that will take it to a whole new level.

Round Rooflights

Round RooflightCircular or round rooflights are the perfect fit for any home that is modern and contemporary. They have a sleek opening and the frameless design can create more of a natural feel to the opening and the light that comes flooding into space. Ensuring you allow as much natural light as possible will help to turn your rooflight into a focal point of the room and that’s particularly important. Of course, you will also need to consider the glazing too as you might want heat-reflective glazing to minimise heat. Whether you opt for one large rooflight or triple rooflights, if you have the space available, you can take inspiration from what you feel the space needs.


Slide Opening Lanterns

While the majority of rooflights will be fixed in place, it’s possible to have a rooflight that can actually open, allowing fresh air to enter your home. This style of rooflight is perfect for homes that want to maximise the amount of light that enters the home but also have control over the temperature. This type of rooflight is controlled by a remote control which means that you can control the opening with ease, enabling it to begin sliding open at the push of a button. This sliding light is functional, smart and designed to work with a range of property designs. They help to deliver a better quality of light and because they are made to suit your property, designing them is purely unique to your needs, making them an inspirational addition to any property. 

Glass Walk On Rooflights for the Home

Mardome Glass TradeRooflights are a great option for adding additional light to areas of the home that have no light at all, such as the basement. These walk-on rooflights are unique in design and can be installed in both internal and external flooring. They become an interesting feature of any property and with the right glass and glazing, they’ll become a functional and integral part of the home. 


Modular Rooflights – Go Triple, Quadruple or More

Want to give your property a rooflight that really stands out? Modular rooflights are designed to capture your design needs and allow more light into your property. The aim is to take inspiration from the interior design because you might want to give your spacious kitchen even more light or that dark living room additional light. Rooflights that are modular in design allow you to combine several fixed flat rooflights to create an integrated design. Furthermore, it’s possible to use different types of glass to ensure that the glazing meets your needs. This type of rooflight is perfect for those properties that have an unusual space or certain regulations in place. 

Rooflights with a Design for Conservation

If you live in an area of conservation then you will need to follow specific controls such as Article 4 Directions. This means that you have to take a considered approach to your rooflights. You’ll need to consider the area, the style of your property and use that as inspiration for choosing your rooflight opening. Being in a conservation area doesn’t mean missing out on high-quality rooflights because there are plenty of options available here.

The Benefits of Rooflights

Rooflights provide a great solution when it comes to helping your home to benefit from more light. Many places around the home will lack enough light but rooflights enable you to get more light than what you can get through your standard windows. They can be designed using different glass and styles, ensuring you find rooflights that fit your property and your needs. Rooflights offer a great level of flexibility which means that you can create a design that fits your home. This ensures that you can create something that is aesthetically pleasing but also allows your home and space to truly benefit from a wide range of rooflights currently available.



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