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Polycarbonate is a popular choice of material for many outdoor structures including conservatories, carports, and greenhouses, as well as having many commercial uses. Polycarbonate is more resilient than glass, and less prone to breakages, making it an excellent choice for many projects. Polycarbonate does need to be cleaned regularly, otherwise you may see some discolouration where dirt and grime have built up. However, if you look after your polycarbonate and remove the debris correctly, it will stay looking bright and smart for many years to come.

Introduction to Polycarbonate Sheets

Polycarbonate is a popular choice for many DIY projects, as well as having extensive commercial uses. It is extremely lightweight, easy to handle, resilient, long-lasting, and affordable. It is easy to see why it is often chosen over glass for roofing and other structures. If you are planning to build a lean-to, a carport, or a conservatory in your garden, spend time researching the best materials for your build.

Pre-Cleaning Preparation

As with all jobs, it is important to get properly prepared before you start cleaning your polycarbonate sheets. If you are cleaning a polycarbonate roof, you will need a suitable and safe way to reach the roof. In order to clean them properly – you will need a soft broom or leaf blower, a soft sponge, a bucket, mild soap or cleaning product, as well as access to water. Make sure you assemble everything before you start the cleaning process.

Safety Precaution

If you are working at height, always think of safety first. If you are not confident working off a ladder, seek professional help or advice. If you are working off a ladder, ensure that the ladder is stable and secure. Sometimes it can be worth using other methods to gain height, such as small scaffolding units to provide a more stable working base. The soap or cleaning products that you are using should be mild, but beware that some people’s skin can react to even mild detergents, so be aware of any skin reactions that you may have.

Cleaning Polycarbonate Roof

Before you begin washing your sheets, you need to ensure that they are clear of any debris that may be on top of them. Using a soft broom or a leaf blower, remove any larger items, twigs, or leaves. If you are cleaning a conservatory and conservatory roof, then it is important that you also check theCleaning Polycarbonate Roof guttering. As you sweep leaves from your conservatory roof, you may just fill your gutters, which can lead to problems with water dispersal. Once your roof is clear, then you can begin cleaning. Using a soft sponge in a combination of lukewarm water with a mild detergent that is suitable for cleaning polycarbonate, gently rub the sheets . The detergent needs to be non-abrasive and suitable, always check the list of suitable materials on the packaging, as harsh chemicals can cause damage. Polycarbonate roofing sheets often have flutes, and it is best to clean them in the direction of the flutes. After cleaning, rinse the sheets thoroughly with clean lukewarm water, before giving the gutters one final check. Whilst washing them, you will be able to check that your gutters are working correctly. If the washing water is sitting in the guttering, you will know that there is a issue.

How Often Should You Clean Your Conservatory Roof?

How often you clean your conservatory roof will vary according to certain factors. Your roof may be under trees that deposit sap, leaves, and debris throughout the year, in which case it may be advisable to clean your conservatory more typically. Roofs with a shallow pitch need to be cleaned more frequently, as the water run-off will be slower than on a steeper pitch. Generally, it is good practice to clean your conservatory roof once a year. The better we look after our conservatories, the longer they will last. Spending time cleaning your roof will give you the chance to check for any damage or areas to watch out for. If there is any damage, you will be able to act quickly and replace the damaged panel before it causes more problems.

Maintenance and Care

Cleaning your polycarbonate roof regularly will help to maintain it. If it is not cleaned over many years, a layer of grime will build up, which reduces the light passing through the sheeting, as well as looking dirty and unpleasant. If you buy a house with a polycarbonate roof conservatory, give it a thorough clean to assess its condition. It is amazing what a difference it can make to the look of the conservatory. A well-maintained conservatory will last for many years and is a useful addition to a house, so spend time looking after your conservatory roof, and enjoy endless sunny days relaxing in your conservatory as your reward!

Recycling and Reusing Polycarbonate Roofing

Polycarbonate can be endlessly reused and repurposed. If you have dismantled a structure that was built using polycarbonate sheeting, don’t simply send it to landfill. The sheets can be used for a multitude of different projects. Replacement panels for a greenhouse, a simple cold frame to protect your seedlings from frost, sides to a compost area, internal panelling to an outdoor shed for insulation and noise reduction, there are so many uses for your polycarbonate sheeting, don’t just throw it away.

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