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Polycarbonate is an economical and long-lasting choice of material that is commonly used for a wide range of projects from large commercial ventures to simple home improvements. Here at Glazing Systems, we aim to keep our prices affordable without compromising on the quality of the polycarbonate that we supply. Costs will vary according to the thickness of the polycarbonate, a 10mm sheet will be cheaper than a 35mm sheet, as well as other variables. Discover what thickness polycarbonate sheet should you use for a roof.

Factors that Affect Polycarbonate Sheet Prices

The amount that you pay for your polycarbonate sheet will be affected by global raw material prices. This is a global problem, and all suppliers of polycarbonate will be affected by rising prices. Other factors that will make a difference in the cost of polycarbonate are the thickness, transparency, product quantity, and sometimes the colour. Despite this, polycarbonate is still a good buy for those looking for a long-lasting, impact-resistant class, and economical material.

Prices by Type

We have a good range of different types of polycarbonate sheets so that you can choose the best type for your next project. Remember, if you are unsure which is the best polycarbonate sheeting, you can always speak to our experienced team for advice. Generally, if you deliberating between two types choose the more heavy-duty one, it is better to over-engineer than to under-engineer. We have an excellent choice of different brands, including; Axgard, Axiome, Carrapol, Marlon and PLASIAX.

TwinwallPack of 10 4mm twinwall polycarbonate replacement greenhouse glazing panels 610mm x 1220mm

As the name suggests, twinwall sheeting is made up of two layers of material. It is strong and lightweight. Twinwall polycarbonate is a low-cost option, making it ideal for many a DIY project around the home, prices start from £13.63.



Triplewall has three layers of material, it is stronger than twinwall and suitable for more complex and heavy-duty structures. A popular choice, triplewall is more expensive than twinwall but brings with it a stronger and sturdier finish, prices start from £22.42.


25mm Clear Multiwall Polycarbonate SheetMultiwall polycarbonate is used for building substantial structures such as conservatories or orangeries. It is incredibly strong and resilient, making it a great choice for areas that could be subject to wear and tear. It is 250 times more shatter-resistant than glass, so you won’t need to worry about that competitive football game taking place in your garden! Still an economical choice for your building project, multiwall polycarbonate starts at £24.59.




Solid polycarbonate gives the same light as glass but with none of the associated problems. With solid polycarbonate, you don’t need to worry about breakages. Solid polycarbonate comes in large sheets starting at £273.27, but is still an economic choice when compared to the cost of glass.


Corrugated sheets are the ideal choice for building roofs for sheds, garages, stables or other outbuildings. The corrugated design encourages the rainwater to drain away, and the hard-wearing nature of the polycarbonate makes this a low-maintenance choice of roofing material. Prices for corrugated sheets, start at £21.19.
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Prices by Thickness

Not only do we offer a range of different types of polycarbonate sheeting, but also a range of different thicknesses. Some projects will be easily managed with a 3 mm, whilst others may require a more substantial 25 mm thickness to ensure that they are strong and long-lasting. The differing structures of the polycarbonate sheet alter the thickness of the sheet, so the thinnest is not necessarily the cheapest. It is important to understand the properties of each thickness and choose the best one for your next project. If you need advice on the best polycarbonate sheeting for your project, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly and informative team.

3 mm

Only the solid polycarbonate comes in the 3 mm thickness, this is generally used in place of glass, as it has the same light transmission as glass, with none of the worries about shattering. Prices for solid polycarbonate start at £273.27.

4 mm

Choosing a 4 mm thickness gives you the option of a twinwall or a solid polycarbonate sheet. A 4 mm polycarbonate sheet is ideal for a number of projects where the thickness of the sheeting is important, the twinwall 4 mm starts at £77.45, whereas the solid 4 mm sheet is often used in place of glass and starts at £364.36.

5 mm

We have a 5 mm thickness sheet in the solid polycarbonate, with prices starting from £455.42 for a large sheet.

8 mm

8 mm is only available in the solid polycarbonate, giving you increased strength over the thinner solid polycarbonate sheeting. Prices for the 8 mm thickness start at £928.37.

10 mm

Choose from either a 10 mm twinwall ideal for many DIY projects around the home and garden, from just £13.63, or the solid 10 mm polycarbonate sheet from £957.55.

12 mm

The thickest of the solid polycarbonate sheeting that we offer, this 12 mm sheet starts at £1170.60.

16 mm

A 16 mm sheet gives you a high-quality sturdy triplewall polycarbonate sheet, ideal for smaller lower-budget conservatories, canopies, and carports. These start at £22.42.

25 mm

25mm Clear Multiwall Polycarbonate SheetOur extremely durable and tough 25 mm sheeting, is a multiwall design, which is used in a variety of commercial and domestic settings. This is incredibly resilient and long-lasting, and an economical choice, starting at just £24.59.





Tradeoffs Between Price And Quality

There is always a trade-off between cost and quality. If you want to create a quick and cheap lean-to to give you a bit of extra protection using polycarbonate roofing at the end of the garden, then choose a cheaper polycarbonate. If you are planning to create a garden veranda at the back of your house to add value to your property, then invest in a higher-quality polycarbonate.

Choosing the Best Option for the Budget

We have a good range of polycarbonate for different budgets. Consider how long you are planning to stay at your house. What are you going to use your construction for? Is it visible or is it tucked away? Sometimes a thinner polycarbonate will suffice if you are limited by your budget.

Where to Buy?

Take a look at our polycarbonate sheets page this will give you a great idea of the range of polycarbonate that is available for different budgets. Glazing Systems is an approved supplier of polycarbonate roofing and our team is always on hand to help and advise if you are still unsure of the best polycarbonate to buy for your budget. Simply call us today at 01942 871183.

Frequently Asked Questions about Polycarbonate Sheet Prices

Frequently Asked Questions about Polycarbonate Sheet Prices

1. Are polycarbonate sheets more expensive than other materials like glass or plastic?

Polycarbonate is a cheaper material than glass, it is also lighter and easier to work with given its flexibility and resilience. Polycarbonate is more expensive than acrylic but it is less likely to break or become damaged.

2. What factors should be considered when comparing polycarbonate sheet prices from different suppliers?

Suppliers will be subjected to fluctuations in raw materials, and companies, like us, that specialise in polycarbonate will have better buying power and will be able to offer our polycarbonate at a better price than standard DIY stores. If you are comparing prices from different suppliers make sure that you are comparing like for like, as different companies show the cost differently.

3. Are there discounts or promotions available for bulk purchases?

If you are a commercial operation looking for discounts on bulk purchases, please contact us for an informal discussion about your requirements.

4. How do custom cuts or special sizes affect the price?

Our sheets come in a variety of sizes, if you require a special size that is not listed on our website, then please contact our team for advice.

5. How does the thickness of affect the price?

The thicker the polycarbonate the more walls it will have in it. A twinwall polycarbonate sheet and multiwall polycarbonate sheet will be more expensive than a simply corrugated roofing sheet.

6. Are UV-protected polycarbonate sheets more expensive than regular sheets?

Our sheets offer UV protection making them extremely useful for building outdoor structures such as garden verandas. They can be more expensive, but it not only gives you more protection but also protects the polycarbonate itself from the elements.

7. Can the price can vary based on the manufacturer or brand? 

Certain brands command a higher price than others. In some cases, this is due to the quality of the raw materials that they use. We can always advise you on the best choice of polycarbonate for you.

8. Are there any financing options available for purchasing polycarbonate sheets?

We have finance options available, please discuss your requirements with us, and we will do our very best to help to secure you the best deal.

9. Can the price of polycarbonate sheets vary depending on the location or region? 

You can see a regional price variation, but this is often more apparent in physical stores where the costs of running a physical location, such as rent can vary due to location.

10. Are there any warranties or guarantees offered for polycarbonate sheets?

Please speak to us about warranties and guarantees, as these will vary on the type of product that you are purchasing.  

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