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As they are perfect for all kinds of enjoyment, socialising, and relaxation, the world is now more inquisitive about glass verandas than ever before. Our expert guide below will enable you to learn everything you need to know about a traditional glass veranda.

What Are Glass Verandas and Why Are They So Great?

A glass veranda is a roof structure built from glass usually with either aluminium or polycarbonate framework, intended for use on any terrace or patio. They are equally as useful domestically or commercially and allow you to enjoy your garden throughout the year whatever the weather. A traditional glass veranda is a great option to choose and a sound investment opportunity for a number of reasons;

  • Use your glass veranda well into the night with the added option of heating and lighting for ultimate comfort for guests and yourselves alike.
  • The aesthetically pleasing features make the glass veranda a classy and beautiful addition to any home. The elegant glass veranda roof will enhance any garden with a touch of class and an auror of sophistication that normal patio covers cannot match.
  • The versatility is endless and depending on your chosen style and specifications an array of options await you under your new canopy roof. Entertainment and relaxation effortlessly fuse together under one roof as both personal and social time get a significant boost with the glass veranda kit you have treated yourself to.
  • Glass verandas can protect your furniture, patio, and windows from the Sun, rainfall, and any debris caused by the changing seasons like leaves and other garden waste throughout the year. This can have many financial benefits in terms of the maintenance of various items and prolonging their usage.
  • Glass verandas are robust and durable (As long as you don’t play too much football around them!) They are a long-term investment that will increase the value of your home by thousands of pounds and become an extremely attractive selling point for any prospective future buyers.
  • They are energy-efficient and will reduce your energy bills over time as the extra layer of protection and insulation keeps heat closed in and unable to escape your home at any great speed.
  • You have the ability to customise your glass veranda in any style, size, or fashion you choose. Its adaptability is unfathomable and it boasts a comprehensive range of options available to you to maximise its potential.

What Can I Use a Veranda for?

The use of a glass veranda as comfortable and permanent addition to the living space of your house can be for any purpose you desire. By merging the indoors with the outdoors you present yourself with an opportunity to experiment with extra appealing space for socialising, relaxing, or even storage. Let’s take a closer look at your options;

  • A glass veranda is a suitable base for a home hot tub in an all-weather-friendly environment
  • Extra sofas and chairs to put your feet up in the evening or at a weekend. Chilling with a glass of wine or reading a newspaper with the freedom of the outside and the warmth and security of an indoor setting united together to create the ultimate home comfort.
  • A bar with plenty of seating space could bring your glass veranda to life
  • Home office to provide lovely views when working from home on your glass veranda
  • A study for research, reading a book, or catching up on some paperwork
  • A home fitness area to negate the need to splash out on gym fees
  • Extra storage space, sometimes you just don’t have room for the important things you simply cannot throw away just in case you need them one day.
  • A dining area with a view is the perfect setting for your glass veranda to play host to. Christmas dinner with the snow falling around you is achievable with your new patio cover and designer roof from Glazing Systems.

How Much Does a Glass Veranda Cost?

A rough base price of around £3,500, can cover the initial design, the creation, and the installation of your glass veranda and includes VA on a 3X4m average project. Naturally, the fee will fluctuate depending on a number of factors including materials used, the size and scale of the project, and the labour costs involved. Your Glazing Systems specialist will be able to provide a more accurate quote upon receiving specific plans and specifications from you and going through the surveyor’s report in greater detail. As all our work is individually tailored to suit your needs and desires, matching your requirements in all facets will not be a problem at Glazing Systems. Visit this page for a complete guide on glass veranda costs including installation.

Are Glass Verandas Durable?

The simple answer is yes they are vitally rust-resistant. The awning of your glass veranda should not stain, become weathered, or even be especially dirty, even after years of use at your home. Maintenance-free, on the whole, your elegant glass veranda may need to be further equipped with an enhanced gutter appliance to satisfy the most hygiene efficiency amongst us. This will simply provide extra assurances against debris and dust particles gathering on your new roof but can also compromise some supporting poles. Not in a safe way, just from an aesthetic perspective. They may obstruct some of the views so it largely depends on your priority; cleanliness or aesthetics.

Do You Need Planning Permission for a Glass Veranda?

It’s unlikely that you will need planning permissions or extra consent for a glass veranda addition to your home. Glazing systems will assist with all applications providing the knowledge and expertise to support you through the process.

What Are Glass Verandas Made of?

Toughened glass roofing panels combined with an aluminium frame make up the standard composition of a Glazing Systems glass veranda.

How Long Will It Take to Install a Glass Veranda?

The installation itself will take a maximum of one day however the entire process from design to completion with Glazing Systems can usually be completed within a 6-8 week period.


Glazing systems offer a comprehensive range of verandas, patio covers, canopies, and roof options. From self-build materials and handy glass veranda kits to elegant glass veranda delights, we cover it all from planning permissions to personal customer customisation. As industry leaders, our reputable and authentic service offers vast experience combined with premium quality products and specialist skillful staff. This unique fusion provides perfect customer service and satisfaction tonic tailor-made to suit your every need.  

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