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A glass veranda is an excellent asset to any home, and with our economical glass verandas, you will find that a veranda, even made of glass, may be more affordable than you may have imagined.

What Is A Glass Veranda?

A veranda is an open-sided structure that attaches to your house, our glass verandas have glass roofs, with a powder-coated aluminium frame. It provides protection from the weather whilst keeping all the charm of outside living.

How Much Does Glass Veranda and Installation Cost?

Our glass verandas are competitively priced so that more people can enjoy all the benefits that glass verandas bring. You can fit your own glass veranda though many of our customers choose to take advantage of our installation service. Our installation teams are experienced and can be an economical alternative to fitting it yourself. Our teams are swift and efficient and you can be confident that your glass veranda will have been expertly installed. Speak to our helpful and friendly team to get a cost-price quote for your glass veranda installation today.

How Long Does it Take to be Installed?

Our expert teams are extremely efficient at fitting verandas. They will install your veranda swiftly and carefully so that you will be ready for outdoor living quicker than you may expect!

Why Is It Best to Have Glass Veranda Installed?

There are many great reasons to have glass verandas installed. We will take a look at some of the main benefits our customers receive from their glass verandas.

Adds Value to Your Home

Any quality addition to your home adds value. This can be important if you are thinking of the resale value of your home in years to come. Not only that, but a veranda is an additional feature, and could be an extra selling point that may make your house stand out from the crowd, should you wish to sell your house in the future.

Low Maintenance

Our verandas are made of high-quality glass with a powder-coated aluminium frame. Glass and aluminium are extremely hard-wearing and long-lasting, and require very little maintenance over the years.

Maximise Your Space

A veranda, with a glass roof and open sides is an economical and easy way to increase space in your home and garden. Glass provides a covered area keeping you protected from the weather, which means that you can use your patio area more frequently. Whatever you choose to use your veranda for, you will relish the extra space.

Gives a Relaxing Outdoor Area

Sitting in an outdoor area is beneficial. It helps to relax your body and mind and is very restful. Often it can be too cold, or wet to sit outside, but with the protection from your glass roof, you can enjoy all the benefits of an outdoor area no matter what the weather. You will be dry and protected under your glass roof.

Enhances The Appearance Of Your Home

Verandas can improve the appearance of your house, often providing an attractive glass focal point, in your garden and patio area. Verandas can balance out your house, giving a pleasing effect. The focus on outdoor living is a positive antidote to today’s hectic world.

Final Thoughts

If you are considering the addition of a veranda with a glass roof to your home, then look no further. Your only regret will be not installing your veranda sooner! Whether you want more space for family time, enjoy entertaining at home, or simply want to sit and look at the stars in the evening, you will love your veranda.


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