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ALUKAP-SS Wall Plate & Eaves Beam

From £62.31 (inc. VAT)

The Alukap®-SS Wall & Eaves Beam serves as a supportive beam for the upper and lower ends of the Alukap®-SS bars. The Eaves Beam conveniently fits atop Alukap®-SS posts, allowing you to customize your windows or utilize it with other posts or structures. As a Wall Plate, installation involves securely bolting the beam to the desired height on the building wall. Separate endcaps for the Alukap®-SS Wall & Eaves Beam are also obtainable.

If draught and wind protection are essential for certain buildings, you have the choice to include the Alukap®-SS L Cap as an optional feature. Nonetheless, in open constructions, excluding the ALUKAP SS L Cap can lead to cost reductions.

Don’t forget you wall plate and eaves beam end caps – click here.

We also provide an installation service:
Please contact us on 01942 871183 or email for a FREE quote.


The Alukap®-SS Wallplate and Eavesbeam system is manufactured, to perform excellently with glazing at almost any angle. The Alukap®-SS Wall Plate is secured to the back of the wall at the desired height, and then using the Alukap®-SS Cap profile to abut the Alukap®-SS Wall Plate, the Alukap®-SS High Span or Low Profile bars simply bolt on to the Alukap®-SS Wall plate through the concealed fixing flange.

There are many different designs of structure at the eaves, such as Window Frames, Framework or posts. Alukap®-SS Eaves Beam simply bolts on to any of these options creating a perfect structure cradle for the Alukap®-SS Cap Profile at almost any angle.

Our standard Alukap®-SS White RAL 9010 and Brown RAL 8040 are manufactured for immediate despatch, and any RAL colour can be manufactured to order, suiting any colour scheme required.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

Coloured (RAL number req'd upon order), White, Brown


2.0m, 3.0m, 4.8m, 6.0m

Alukap SS Installation Guide


Alukap SS Retail Brochure


Alukap SS Technical Brochure


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